Forensic engineering: the search for the root cause

In the day to day failures or accidents that interfere in people’s lives occur. The typology is very diverse, from the fall of an electrical system that causes the delay of a train, to the collapse of a building by a collapse in its structure. Both in one case and another, it is necessary to know what is the cause that caused this failure to try, as far as possible, that it does not occur again.

The search for this root cause is one of the main functions in which professionals working in forensic engineering work. The study extends to fields of research as diverse as the characterization of materials and their behavior, the reliability of the components of installation or the correct design and manufacture of a product.

forensic engineers

In general, these studies are reflected in the expert reports prepared by forensic engineers, for later use in a wide variety of areas such as insurance companies, for the clarification of a car accident or the catastrophic failure of an automatic equipment; in industry, to improve the quality of a product or determine the malfunction of a system; or in the legal field, for the resolution of civil or commercial conflicts both in trials and arbitration. These are just some of the examples of the application of forensic engineering, but you should not lose sight of the common link to all of them: obtaining the root cause for solving the problem and/or preventing it from repeating, thus establishing the possible responsibilities that may arise.

Forensic expert engineering:

The engineers, in their different branches, are dedicated to the realization of forensic expert reports. Forensic engineering is increasingly important in many lawsuits. The application of forensic engineering techniques allows investigating materials, structures or components that do not work for which they were designed and also investigating problems at their point of origin. Thus an expert forensic engineer will be defined as a professional endowed with experienced knowledge as they accredit through higher studies, which can provide a recognized and well-founded opinion to the courts of justice.

forensic engineers

Forensic Engineering and Insurance: Although it may sound less exciting, expert judicial engineers play an important role in cases in which insurance companies are involved, both by them and by those who sue those companies. Among the work of these expert engineers is to investigate the paint stains that may be in a car allegedly involved in an accident or determine what household appliances may have caused a fire in the home.

Forensic Engineering and Companies: Forensic engineering is also very important in cases related to companies. For example, an expert engineer could determine if an accident occurred in a company that could have been caused by sabotage, negligence or due to a machine failure. Although the expert engineers are not economists, they can work side by side with an economist when it comes to making an economic valuation of the assets of a company, helping to determine the state in which the machinery is located and therefore making a fair valuation of its value.